Cayetana - New Kind of Normal

Cayetana are one of those groups that make me want to drop everything, move to Philly and just go follow the band on tour for a few months I kid you not. I'd been looking forward to their new album since the group dropped the video to 'Mesa' back in February and i'm happy to report 'New Kind of Normal' is everything i'd hoped it would be; Boisterous, un-garnished Indie-pop, with an immediacy that makes it catchy from the outset. I can't fully explain it; there's just something joyous with this group. They're nothing flashy but i like that; the recordings are honest and that lends itself to good songwriting and storytelling... take 'Easy to Love' two minutes in there's a drop followed by a disorientating battle between several interweaving vocals, it's dramatic, moving and well perfect


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