Rat Fancy - 'Suck a Lemon'

LA's Rat Fancy are a bit of an odd group if we're honest... that said there's something slightly endearing about the group's ill-judged m├ęsalliance of indie-pop and pop-punk at play on their new EP 'Suck a Lemon' In fact we dare say its the group's idiosyncrasies that are it's greatest strength; at once Bratty and Twee, knuckle dragging yet left field, melody driven but lo-fi...

 They're a band of contradictions yes, but that makes them interesting. I mean we're even considering overlooking the fact that the group has (without irony) written an "anti-drama" Teen anthem; which, just in case you're in any doubt, has to be the single most hot-topic-bargain-bin emo cliche we've ever had the misfortune of reading.

 But here's the thing: They're fun. Rat Fancy's music is immediate and honest, instantly gratifying and without pretense. In-fact we might even go as far to say we really really like them.


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