Ambiere - 'Tree Of Life'

Describing your music as 'Fairytale grunge with a jellybean peanutbutter finish' is certainly quirky attention grabbing tagline, however not its not an entirely fitting one in the case of Ambiere

Cut from a similar cloth as the Jazzy, neo-progressive, trip-hop group London Grammer; Ambieres sound on record strikes me as something more suited to ponderous chin scratching than pumping a jellybean laden fist in a mosh pit; Still it's got a definite quality to it and one that stands up to repeated listening.

Take their track 'Tree of Life' from the Eponymous 2017 EP, a stylish, intricate work robust with heady flourishes such as the lead guitar line which seemingly weaves around the vocal melody like a matadors Rebolera. 

Very, very impressive.


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