Novelty Daughter - Kindness Calmness

Having fallen (we can only assume) from some distant star; 'Kindness Calmness' is the latest track from Brooklyn based artist & producer Novelty Daughter. Taken from her forthcoming LP 'Inertia', 'Kindness Calmness' is a cosmic, dreamy work of electronica, which emanates an otherworldly quality from the onset, as wonky, detuned synths quaver amidst a meteor shower of whimsical flittering beats.

 With playful, innovative refrains, and almost alien annunciated lyrics, the track is a joy to take in leaving the listener dazed, wishing only that one day they may surround themselves with speakers if only to race Novelty Daughter's celestially inspired panning of instrumentation in circles, around their room, till we meet the orbit this empyrean of electronics so intended.


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