FYOHNA - ‘Called It Love’

L.A based Art-Pop duo FYOHNA unveiled their latest single ‘Called It Love’ this week. Having premiered on the 405 we couldn’t resist having a listen ourselves.

 Featuring a strong underlying influence of Trap music this is a much gloomier offering than the groups previous track ‘Believe you’; Smatterings of reverb sodden synth-pads, electronic snares and haunting ghost vocals are to be found throughout the verses creating a sense of unease.

 However, this atmosphere of foreboding is merely a foil, to be skilfully swept to one side as FYOHNA launch into a swaggering, half chanted chorus which is propelled by a grandiose synth bass riff.

 Above all Katarina Gleicher’s standout vocal performance makes for an enthralling listen, beckoning us on, as if a siren perched upon the rocks of a sea of sublime (if perhaps threatening) art-pop.


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