Mailers - 'Aire Frio'

Spanish group Mailers have unveiled the lead track'Aire Frio' from their forthcoming LP 'Humanos'.

The single is a surprising Indie folk ballad with a real iberian roots feel; and represents a massive departure from the floorfilling electro-pop of the groups earlier releases such as 'materia'. However this does not to detract from the undeniable talent of the seasoned group. Ana GarcĂ­a's expressive vocals remain powerful as ever. Reaping the benefits of the new creative direction, this is a song with great rhythmic contrast and flair.

 Ending with a choral vocals over some accentuated flamenco style rhythmic clapping which is very en vogue now in Spanish indie (See Izal's track Copacabana) I can see this bold track with its big, swaying chorus going down well at home and overseas.


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