Xenoula - 'Luna Man'

Welsh based Romy Xeno or 'Xenoula' is set to release her self-titled debut album on 24th November. In anticipation we've taken a listen to her track ‘Luna Man’; a decisively left of center single that had us at once scratching our heads but also waiting for more.

 Opening with some deeply gelatinous and wobbly sounding instrumentation 'Luna man' sways in and out the safe immediacy of pop, aided by a slight irreverence to the way the tracks sections are sewn together.

 However a big dollop of Icecream to go with our wonky-pop jelly comes in the form of a delicious section of vocal counterpoint, where Romys sweet soprano lead meets a rich polyphonic vocorder bass. It's fun, it's quirky, we can't wait to hear more.


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