Drang - 'Lucky You'

South London's Drang know how to make a gorgeous racket... their post-punk tinted jangle pop is reminiscent of 80's underground icons Pylon and their pithy lyrics grabbed me instantly. Their latest single 'Lucky You' is set to be released on the 10th of this month and has already received quite a warm welcome from the Fresh On The Net Listening Post.

 Opening with an usual clapped rhythm, over which hints of feedback from a choppy, palm muted guitar wash like waves onto a breakwater; 'Lucky You' bursts into life with a short catchy riff followed by short repeated opening vocal. This yes is textbook pop, but it's incredibly effective, reeling the listener in almost instantly. This however is not to downplay the obvious musicianship at work here... the midsection to this song is perhaps one of the most surprising non sequitur's in a pop leaning track i have ever had the pleasure to encounter and the genius of using this section to unify the seemingly dislocated intro to the final chorus is inspired. On top of this I was deeply impressed by the pace of the runaway 16th's on the open hi hat that propel the track headlong into sudden juddering breaks, while the stabbing guitar technique provided a lively counter to the rooted bass which underpins this track perfectly.

 A final word must be saved for Drag's ambient-psychy offering in the form of the singles B-side 'saturation point', revealing a completely different side to Drang this alluringly hypnotic instrumental has a real cinematic quality and I find myself willing the band on to develop what strikes me a nascent ballad/anthem into a fully fledged work.


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