The Violet Kind - Speakeasy

There's something rather special going on in Glasgow right now, the city seems to be churning out alternative guitar bands with strong female leads at a rate of knots. Honeyblood, The Van T's, Life Model... all spring to mind, now I think it's time to add The Violet Kind to that list.

 Taking an audible influence from the more melodic end of the shoegaze spectrum and with a whistful lyrical style borrowed from long forgotten plains of proto-emo 'Speakeasy' is the lead track taken from The Violet Kind's debut EP ‘OXTR, which is due for release on the 16th of March.

An incredibly brave conceptual work, OXTR is indented as a vessel for catharsis for the survivor of sexual violence; championing those who are brave enough to speak out and standing with those who aren’t able to.

I was particularly taken by Katya Mansell's intricate guitar work on the track; opening with a section of heavily atmospheric reverse reverb effects over which sparse clean notes accompany a heartfelt opening vocal, Speakeasy progressively evolves as picked rhythms add momentum until the track reaches it's full alt-anthem stride.


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