LIINES - 'Cold'

LIINES have just dropped their latest track ‘Cold’, the final single to be taken from their forthcoming debut album 'Stop – Start' (Out 4 May via Reckless Yes Records).
‘Cold’ is an angular, choppy, post-punk blast from the past. Sparse, harsh production leaves the track feeling raw, unpolished and with an edginess that is reminiscent of early Joy Division.

This is a track that grapples the listener; it has an undeniable energy from the outset and its unembellished production only emphasises the feelings behind the instrumentation, which are left exposed to the elements. There's a satisfying Kyuss type crunch to the guitar tone on this track, it rumbles with the start of each riff; the angular accented offbeats of the underpinning drum beat spurs the song on, and Zoe McVeigh’s emotive vocals are simply hypnotic.

We love this song.


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