REMMI - 'Minimum Wage'

We like it when our 'pop' refuses to pull it's punches. Just because a song is overtly mass appeal in its sensibilities doesn't mean it should be sterile or sanitised. Art is surely a reflection of life, and life isn't always rosy. Good pop-art then should have some semblance to the quotidian; those routines of daily grind we must endure no matter how unjust or demeaning the system is.

Because of this we are utterly enamored with Nashville based artist REMMI also known by her fitting twitter handle REMMI_IRL (IN REAL LIFE), her latest single 'Minimum Wage' captures the futile drudgery endured by the working classes; calling out aspirational models based on the accumulation of debt, as well as the reduction of the individual to a hired body to be used as the wealthy see fit.

It's biting, accurate, and dripping with attitude. We really rate this song.


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