Colour Me Wednesday - Counting Pennies in the Afterlife

Finally the intersectional feminist pop-punk record i've been waiting for.

Uxbridge's Lo-Fi indie-popsters 'Colour Me Wednesday' make a charming racket; the band's upbeat mix of jangly guitar-pop fused with an infectious energy borrowed from pop-punk provides a dependable fix for melodic, toe tapping, politically savvy-pop.

' Counting Pennies in the Afterlife' is the bands sophomore effort; 11 tracks of beautiful vocal harmonies soaring above ringing guitars and clattering drums. Slightly crooked and rough-edged in its production, the recordings only seem to add warmth the downtrodden optimism of Doveton Sisters Harriet and Jen.

For our money, the undoubted album highlight is the wonky, pop leaning Take What You Want (And Then Leave) - the track from which the album takes its title. The fruit of some tentative experimentation with synthesizers and electronic percussion; it's an endearing 3 minutes, of catchy, stuttering bedroom-pop.


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