The Garrys - 'Makeout at the Drive-In'

"Dreamy blood harmony surf rock doom-wop on morphine"? ...OK you have our attention.

'Makeout at the Drive-In' is the latest single from the sibilant Saskatoon, Saskatchewan surf-pop sisters The Garrys [try saying that 5 times fast]. Featuring some wonderfully woven vocal harmonies and quivering guitar-work, this is a real shimmering pop song for the summer. Naturally there's a certain retro quality to the track, the wavering whammy bar guitar sound transports the listener back to an effortlessly cool past, which I could see appealing to fans of the Twin Peaks (Seasons 1&2) soundtrack. Happily however, 'Makeout at the Drive-In' avoids sufficient James Hurleyness for us to wish the band any such Lynchian fate.

'Makeout at the Drive-In' will be released on 13th of May via Grey Records; If you like what you hear (and why wouldn't you) The Garrys will be briefly in the UK for a short but oh so sweet run of live shows including The Great Escape (May 17th) and he moon Cardiff (May 18th).


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