Heavy Lids - 'Neon Graffiti'

It's February 1989, I'm in the town of 'Twin Peaks' Washington, with an insatiable appetite for cherry pie, I enter the Bang Bar bar the haunt the locals refer to only as 'the Roadhouse' and this song begins to play...

These were my thought's when I first listened to Sheffield based Dream-Popsters Heavy Lids and their latest single 'Neon Graffiti' thanks largely to the exquisite vocal performance of frontwoman Maria Vegro whose voice bears an uncanny resemblance to Julee Cruise on 'Falling' [ɹǝƃuäƃlǝddop]

Floating and ethereal 'Neon Graffiti' is a sublime listen; a 3 three minute gem of delicate soaring dream pop.

ʞɔoɹ s,ʇǝ˥


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