To say we were a little bit excited in the build up to the latest release from the Manchester based Electro-Folk artist IORA would be something of an understatement. Since we featured her experimental atmospheric track 'THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU' in January, IORA (AKA Holly Phelps) has gone on to scoop us airplay from BBC6 Music and a performed live in the studio for BBC Manchester.

Today marks the latest step in IORA's artistic evolution as she releases her debut music video to her captivating track 'Minotaur Mind' which explores themes of shame and internalised emotion; or as Holly puts it “How we can hold a distorted image of ourselves, when in reality no one else notices our imperfections."

Featuring the clashing, almost violently conflicting dancers the video makes an excellent visual accompaniment and suggests an ultimate path towards catharsis as the performers movements slowly become less juxtaposed and more synchronized/harmonious.


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