MOLTENO - 'Dakota'

One of the most rewarding things about keeping this blog is seeing the artists we've previously championed go from strength to strength, and sharing in their creative journey.

Back in April we introduced to you the shimmering, otherworldly dream Pop of London's 'MOLTENO' and her captivating atmospheric track '1000 Moons'. MOLTENO is now back with her latest release DAKOTA (out 8/6/2018) which explores the themes of water, environmental ownership and contrasts purity with destruction.

Again with MOLTENO's music we find richly textured, atmospheric backing, giving her songs a deeply evocative quality. The wet reverb which saturates the vocals, the echoing synth-strings which trickle down the scale like raindrops, and the gentle splashing of bells all combine to bring out this aquatic theme.

'Dakota' is a must listen track.


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