Knight Knight - 'Kids'

Sometimes a track leaves such an impression on you it stays with you long after the music stops. 'Kids' by 'Knight Knight' is one such single. The second offering from the Denmark based electronic experimental artist, 'Kids' (released 07 July) pulls off that near impossible trick of remaining immediately accessible and dance orientated, whilst being played firmly form left-field.

Opening with a swelling bass synth, 'Kids' emerges from the murky depths with a fragmented glitchy beat, which rattles, grinds and shakes itself into a steady dance feel. Once this unexpected groove is established, we are introduced to the brilliant unintelligibly manipulated vocal samples, which are delivered more for their rhythmic and melodic effect more than for their lyrical content; The effect of which is simply electric.

This innovative, experimental approach to use of the human voice in music is perhaps made all the more interesting when one considers the musical background of 'Knight Knight'. AKA 'Ditte Elly' Knight Knight is the alter-ego of the one time UK based alt-folk songwriter, perhaps best known for finding favor in the eyes of BBC6's Tom Robinson, and for performing at the Latitude festival. It's an incredible second self, a totally unexpected about-face and one we cannot wait to hear 'Knight Knight' her explore further.


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