Dilly Dally - 'Sober Motel'

With their highly anticipated 'Heaven' LP slated for release on September 14th, we had a listen to Canadian pastel-grunge-posters Dilly Dally and their latest single 'Sober Motel' to get a flavor of whats to come on the follow up to their critically-acclaimed debut 'Sore'.

'Sober Motel', is an intriguing modern take on the guitar anthem. Balancing shades of light and darkness, the single awakens from a dreamy haze which dominates the verses into a full on night-terror of a chorus. The disturbing, guttural vocal roar from singer Katie Monks is unforgettable. Loaded with emotion her vocal gives a poignancy to what is for all its ferocity a delicate track dealing with the sensitive topic of substance addiction. 

 Powerful, heartfelt and nuanced, 'Sober Motel' is in a word epic.


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