Emily Magpie - 'Last Train'

You may remember from Pleasure's previous (May, 2017) the enchanting songwriting of Bristol based, Emily Magpie, who cast a spell upon us with the magical-gloom of her 2017 single 'The Witching Hour'.

Back now in 2018 with her first release of the year, the single 'Last Train'; Emily Magpie appears to have undergone a small shift in musical direction, moving her art from the realms of experimental electro-folk to more mainstream alt-pop. However, as the sparkling aura of glitter from her new press shot suggests, this new focus retains that same bewitching quality.

The new single 'Last Train', is a work of alchemical pop; plucked acoustic strings are audibly transfigured from the ordinary to the otherworldly as they are manipulated and reversed. While echoing electronic percussion casts a sense of peculiar, tense, energy. It's modern, left-field, and thrilling to hear as these conjured elements are brought together by Magpie's, spellbinding vocals.

'Last Train' is in a word Magical.


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