Floof! - 'French on both sides'

The creative partnership of Sarah Griffiths and Chris Minor are no strangers to us here at Earthly Pleasures; founding members of Noise-Punk band 'Duck' the Sheffield based duo wowed us last year with their raucous LP 'FaceAche', a harsh 10 track outburst of lo-fi electro that featured such searing tracks like 'Low' and 'Monsters'.

Now the pair are back, with a new DIY electronic experimental side-project, the wonderfully named 'Floof!' and their debut track 'French on both sides' (which has been taken from a forthcoming EP "Grease Up the Legs").

 As one would expect from a Griffiths/Minor offering 'French on both sides' is a challenging but rewarding listen, blurring the boundaries between art noise experiments and lo-fi pop, with much discernible button pushing and knob twiddling going on behind it.

 Played firmly from left-field and accompanied by a video produced by minor 'French on both sides' is a promising first offering from this established partnership.



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