SAHARA BECK - 'Here We Go Again'

It's no secret we love a good pop anthem here at Earthly Pleasures. Which is why we're happy to report that Brisbane’s SAHARA BECK has hit all the right notes on her latest single 'Here We Go Again' (Released 10th August).

As hinted at by its slightly impressionistic opening which bounces organic vocal harmonies off of a stabbing Vocoder riff, 'Here We Go Again' is a stylish single that possesses an audible Art-Pop influence. However, for the main part 'Here We Go Again' remains rooted firmly in the center ground and (in this case) is all the better for it.

The vivid pop orientation of the single really hones the listeners attention to the strength of Beck's performance on the track, and as echoing percussion and subtle keyboards are introduced, 'Here We Go Again' quickly falls into line as a rousing pop ballad. Dominated by Beck's distinctive voice which reverberates with such power (perhaps aided by the slightly crisp, vintage-mic sound), this is a track which really does shows off just what SAHARA BECK can do as a performer; and her soaring vocal performance delivers big time.

Bold, stirring and infinitesimally listenable 'Here We Go Again' might just be the pop anthem of the summer... Well, I mean summer in this hemisphere at least.


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