Ani Glass - Peirianwaith Perffaith

My heart skipped a beat when this landed in my inbox. You will remember from Pleasures previous that I have a little bit of a soft spot for the Welsh language electro-pop star Ani Glass.

Glass' latest offering 'Peirianwaith Perffaith' ('Perfect Machinery' out 26th of October via Recordiau Neb) picks up very much where we left off last year. Opening with muted atmospheric samples and sinister burbling synthesizers, the listener is immediately met with a poised work of modern electronica with striking airy vocals.

While there is a dreamier pop sensibility at play on 'Peirianwaith Perffaith' compared to Glass' previous thrusting offers such as 'Geiriau', the delicate and nuanced arrangement is certain to appeal to both experimental pop and retro synth fans alike.

Dwelling upon the “search for identity in a moving city", there is a striking mix of cold and warm sonic elements to the single, as Glass successfully conveys urban modernity through the contrast of sweet chiming bell pads and trembling sine leads. This intelligent challenging mix of sounds gives this idiosyncratic track a peculiar quality, allowing it to be at once familiar, mysterious and ultimately quite beautiful.


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