Eliza Shaddad - This Is My Cue

With a much anticipated debut album 'Future' due out on 26th of October (via Beatnik Creative) we took a listen to the latest brooding single from Eliza Shaddad

This Is My Cue, is a flowing work of art-rock, with a shimmering guitar tone and delicate instrumentation. As Shaddad coolly explores the thought process behind the end of a relationship, her compelling confessional lyricism and subtle phrasing both moves and challenges the listener; There is a discernible emotional sophistication and self-awareness to Shaddad's lyrics, that elevates her compositions onto a higher level; this isn't just a 'break up song' its something much deeper...

The single comes accompanied with an intimate music video (edited by Jodie Canwell), which blends Shaddad's recent European tour footage, with more candid clips of Shaddad walking various city streets. This unvarnished, personal portrayal of the artist is in keeping with the singles introspective orientation and the theme of leaving, but it also hints at a spirit of progression and movement that will undoubtedly become apparent upon the albums release.

We can't wait to hear more.


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