Jo Marches - ‘Monsters’

Psychedelic-pop artist Jo Marches is back with an irresistibly infectious single ‘Monsters’; an intelligently arranged wonky-pop gem with a seriously danceable bass-line.

Taken from her forthcoming EP Day In Day Out (Due out on 26th October), there's a noticeable 80's influence to the production of ‘Monsters’. Sonically, the track shimmers with twinkling guitars and sizzling synths which rise over over the throaty splat of reverb soaked snare. It's a little bit retro, but its done in a knowing and playful manner; more cool than kitsch 'Monsters' will appeal to fans of Jane Weaver and Metronomy as a work of accessible, yet sophisticated pop that is in equal parts immediate and engaging.

The level of detail that has gone into the single is quite remarkable, aside from the beguilingly nuanced instrumentation, I think it worthy of note that the accompanying visuals (video, cover-art and press shots) are beautifully composed; little wonder then that this is the first time I've ever seen a Soundcloud link with credits not just for music or production, but also for 'Styling and Art Direction'.

Thanks then Utrecht, you might just have given us our new favorite Art-Pop band.

*Photography credit: Maria Stijger Aramburu*


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