The Van T's - Suis-Je cool?

If there's one thing we'll never tire of here at Earthly Pleasures it's the powerful, close-knit vocal harmonies of the Van Thompson sisters, rising over a turbulent sea of overdriven riff-heavy pop.

Yes Glasgow's finest alt-rock five piece the Van T's are back, and they've cranked the amps up to eleven on their jaw dropping new single Suis-Je Cool? The track (titled 'Am I cool?' in English) rewards from the get go, instantly delivering a torrent of driven but melodic rock. This is leaner, tougher and more direct version of the Van T's sound and the band have taken to it in their stride, hammering out feverish alt-rock instant classic.

On this latest offering The Van T's are so cool they could make a polar bear shiver.


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