Bellhouse - 'Like You Loved Us'

We have something of an insatiable appetite for sparkling pop numbers here at Earthly Pleasures, so it's little wonder that we've been swept away by the majestic pop of Swedish artist 'Bellhouse'.

Aka Emma-Lee Andersson, Bellhouse's latest single 'Like You Loved Us', gleams with immediately arresting lyrical runs and immaculately crisp production. With a memorable chorus propelled on by twitching electronic percussion, the single succeeds in delivering a sweet 3 minute something, radio friendly slice of charming modern pop.

Lyrically it's not total bubblegum, 'Like You Loved Us' gives just enough lyrical angst for there to be something to bite into. However it's a track best took in, in a spirit of embracing its immediacy and unblemished sheen. It's fun, but more than that, it's a real POP song, and a good one at that worthy of mainstream success.

'Like You Loved Us' promises 'Bellhouse' will be a name to remember looking ahead to 2019.


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