Ora The Molecule - 'Sugar'

2018 has been something of a sumptuous year for music, and here at EP we've certainly had our fill of succulent pop tunes, that said I think we've all saved a little room for dessert.

'Sugar' is the mouthwateringly sweet debut single by indie-alt-popsters Ora The Molecule.  The press blurb for the single promises 'a musical buffet that excites the aural palette' and it doesn't disappoint. Tasty rhythms, zesty bursts of jazzy instrumentation and the odd hint of a sample as garnish make for an appetizing listen.

The sound is fresh and complex, with a strong Suzanne Vega type spoken word influence at play during the verses giving the track a savory left-field flavor to accompany the sweet, chorus hook which neatly ices this delectable offering.

Who wants seconds?

[*Photo Credit: Daniel Peralta Rasmussen]



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