Francie Moon - 'Present Tense'

Turn on, tune in and drop out to the garage rock sounds of Francie Moon and her trippy psychedelic single 'Present Tense'.

 Propelled by a toe-tapping, uptempo jazz rhythm, 'Present Tense' immediately pulls at the senses as shimmering guitar chords refract brightly above the crunchy lo-fi drive of Melissa Lucciola's vocals. It's an intensely likeable track with a satisfying organic, and analogue feel that is straight out of the seventies, with freely flowing instrumentals channeling the spirit of the 'jam bands' of the decade.

 Progressively developing, 'Present Tense' offers a rewarding full spectrum of the genre dropping tempo at about the 2:40 mark to explore a druggy, dreamy impressionistic feel before blossoming into a full on psychedelic freak-out. Lovely stuff!


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