The Y Axes - 'How we begin'

Rousing San Francisco-based pop-rockers The Y Axes have hit all the right notes with their excitable and irresistibly catchy single 'How we begin'.

Exploding into life as the group in unison exclaim 'HEY!', the listener is propelled head first into the anthemic immediacy of late noughties pop-punk as angular riffs buzz above thundering drums and grounded bass. Subtle it is not, but if you want a track with impact then look no further, The Y Axes pull no punches and this track shines for it.

While the tracks lyrics deal with a theme of anxiety and fear of the future, Alexi Rose Belchere's sweet and immaculately delivered vocals provide a gentle welcoming companion; a friend to hold your hand through what is a bittersweet but ultimately charming single.

'How we begin' is a beautiful pop track


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