MEI - 'Homebound (Ft. Toya Delazy & Sans Soucis)'

With her new single 'Homebound' released today, London based artist and producer MEI has delivered a warming, deeply soulful take on identity and the search for 'home', tackling the subject of competing cultual identities with an emotional sophistication and maturity that is not without its own complexity, as Mei explains

 "Homebound is about the search for 'home' and the struggle of having a dual identity but not necessarily belonging in either country, then coming to the conclusion that once you are heading in the direction you want to be, you aren't lost and home is within you"

This nuanced approach to exploring selfhood has been skillfully translated into the instrumentation of this intelligent, genre defying track; Lofi-hip hop drum sounds, meet polished jazz inspired flourishes with a surprising fluidity. There are no contradictions here as 'Homebound' possesses a natural quality as organic and convincing as the unison with which the call and response style chorus is chanted, imbuing the lyrics with a sense of reassurance and affirmation.

This is an absolute must listen.


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