S E R A P H I N A - 'Backbone'

It's almost a year to the day that London based Noir-Pop songstress S E R A P H I N A first caught our attention with her shiver-inducing piano balled 'Mistress Mayhem', we couldn't get enough of her moving, confessional lyricism back then, so you can imagine our excitement at being able to bring you her latest bluesy effort 'Backbone'.

Opening with the simmering heat of a lightly fuzzed electric guitar, there is distinctly vintage feel to 'Backbone' brought about by the warmth of the vocal production and the arrangement of expressive guitar fills which lick like flames around the heated, visceral lyrics.

 This is a track with a great set up, steadily building towards the thumping swing of the electro-acoustic percussion which injects a contemporary feel into a soaring chorus which combines the best of contemporary alt-pop with the timeless punctuated triplets of a classic blues shuffle.

Produced & Mixed by Tom Stafford and Mastered by Pete Maher 'Backbone' is an immensely satisfying listen, adding to a growing catalogue of  work by one of the South East's brightest talents. 'Backbone' is out now via House of Voodoo Records.


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