Badison - 'Better Place'

We continue to be impressed by the constant evolution of Croatian born emo-pop producer Badison, as the promising electronic artist grows confident in her cinematic, synth-based, 80's influenced sound.

 Badison's latest outing 'Better Place' takes the Düsseldorf based producer into pure anthemic territory with an unforgettable chorus and an enveloping fullness of sound. This is a real track to wrap an arm around a friend to while raising a lighter with the other. With an immediate sense of presence, a momentary synth swell introduces bitter-sweet chiming bell pads, thundering percussion and Badison's vulnerable vocals, with the result an inspiring, tear inducing ballad.

Unquestionably destined to one day soundtrack a box office hit film (Romantic Drama, Sci-Fi, maybe even a St Elmo's Fire reboot would be my choices), Badison's music continues to resonate with an emotive majesty that sets her apart from her peers.

More of this please Dora!


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