HUNJIYA - 'give it/what i get'

We're loving the absorbing alternative R&B sound of HUNJIYA, the artistic moniker of Seoul born, New York raised singer and producer Alice Kim. Her latest single ‘Give It/What I Get’, is a captivating work of contemporary pop, drawing the listener in with its intimate lo-fi electronic textures and soulful vocal harmonies.

Downtempo, with intricate instrumentation sparingly applied. Emotion and lyricism is at the fore of HUNJIYA's music and ‘Give It/What I Get' excels as a single with a a real dramatic quality, its rising crescendos dissipating so swiftly, that the listener cannot help but be moved by the tracks intensity and contrasting tenderness.

Speaking about the single HUNJIYA remarks that ‘Give It/What I Get' “is one of the more uplifting songs I wrote during a time where I felt like I was losing a sense of who I was[...] it was written to anyone who might be the type to give too much of themselves to others and don't get enough in return.”

[*Photo Credit: Claire Fagin]


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