Like A Villain - 'You Got It'

Dramatic is not quite strong enough a word to describe the intense, operatic electro-pop of New York based Like A Villain, whose latest single 'You Got It' marries the baroque grandeur of vocal tradition with the stark modernity of industrial electronica.

  Extravagantly theatrical in its performance,  'You Got It' is a vocal masterpiece so loaded with feeling that it cannot fail to leave an impression on the listener. From a muted overture 'You Got It' moves vigorously from a soft jazzy alto to a ferocious roar as Like A Villain (Holland Andrews) demonstrates through striking extremes the spectacularly expressive ability of her commanding vocals.

'You Got It' is available now and is taken from the forthcoming 'What Makes Vulnerability Good' out 20 Sept on Accidental Records.


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