KALEN - 'Lighter'

Making great music is all about creating contrast. Evoking a sense of drama by balancing shades of light and dark. One upcoming artist who really seems to excel at this is Brooklyn's KALEN whose latest single 'Lighter' oozes class, in a succinct yet highly expressive blend of sophisticated dark-pop

Moving from a gloomy, earthed piano ballad, 'Lighter' steadily rises in instrumentation and vocal intensity until it takes flight, KALEN (Kalen Lister)'s wings fledged and caught on a breeze of drilling hi-hat beats and the reverberating strikes of a snare, which ripple like stones into the depths of the vast dark seas below.

This is a great listen, as emotionally charged and theatrical as the ambivalently expressive face staring(?) out of that intensely illuminated promo shot. We can't wait to hear more from this mysterious artist.


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