POLARTROPICA - 'Can't Hold Us Back'

Hurricane winds couldn't hold us back from being transported to the uplifting climes of Polartropica; artistic moniker of Los Angeles based, Ihui (eeway) Cherise Wu. The queer-identifying, Taiwanese-American, synth-pop sensation whose effervescent electronic sound, combines equatorially warm pop sensibilities with the ice cool sheen of synthesized electronica.

Polartropica's latest single, 'Can't Hold Us Back' is a life-affirming, four minute blast of empowerment and positive vibes. As Wu explains:

"As a queer Taiwanese-American immigrant that was brought to California as a young child, I wanted to dedicate this anthem with all my love to anyone that's ever been marginalized or made to feel small when in reality, you are a SUPERSTAR, and to honor those courageous humans past present and future leaving everything they know to build a better life for themselves, their families, and communities."

Harmonious in its integration of 90's disco flavors with whimsical hints of the 80's, and more contemporary dreamy flourishes 'Can't Hold Us Back' is a playful post-modern work of utopian-pop.


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