Mia Berg - 'Berlin'

Sonically evocative of the complex polycentric identity of the European Metropole, whilst all the while remaining curiously personal in her wistful intimations; Norwegian atmospheric-pop artist Mia Berg; has delivered a sophisticated work of contemporary pop in her new single “Berlin”.

Set to the cloudy backdrop of the German capital, "Berlin" softly retells the gradual unravelling of a relationship with a bedside intimacy, dreamily returning to a ruminative chorus ‘I wish I could go back to lazy cloudy days in Berlin. No thinking ‘bout tomorrow. We could just relax and order in’. 

While these impressionistic lyrical vignettes resonate with a quality of their own, the real brilliance of this track is to be found in it's architecturally modernistic instrumentation which moves from the stark concrete atmospherics of glitching electronic percussion to the high-rising elegance of an outro which gleams with a polished Nujazz/Trip Hop inspired feel.

'Berlin' is taken from Mia Berg's new EP 'Intro' and is available now via Tik Records.


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