Alexandria Maillot - ‘Someone To Keep You Warm’

The temperature might have dropped here in the UK, but it's nowhere near the ice cold chill of alternative electronica delivered by Alexandria Maillot on her new single ‘Someone To Keep You Warm’.

This frosty number, recounts a feeling of schadenfreude, gained after seeing her ex struggle to find a lover. Gelidly bitter in its subject matter and instrumentation, the suspended, synth notes which open ‘Someone To Keep You Warm’  are anything but, suggesting that the emotions behind the track have been frozen in time. As the track develops the resulting thaw is a harsh undulating tundra made up of the contrasting peaks of detachment in Alexandria's cold (if transfixing) vocals and the hyperborean stomping of a menacing synth bass riff.

‘Someone To Keep You Warm’  is taken from Maillot's sophomore album ‘Benevolence’ which is released today.


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