Amy Milner - 'A Little More'

A ruminating work of Bon Iveresque atmospheric pop, Amy Milners latest emotionally attuned electronic single 'A Little More', doesn't just plumb the teary depths of it's confessional lyrics; on this latest single the Suffolk-based songwriter has seemingly tapped into the nature of how we bare our souls and open up to others.

Recreating inadvertent moments of personal fragility and honesty through its heavily stylized production, there is a slightly disorientating quality to 'A Little More' reminding the listener that they are somewhat of an unwelcome interlocutor in what should be an internal dialogue of the sincerest personal truth. Instead the listener receives 'A Little More' with an almost voyeuristic participation attempting to decipher the lyrics through a through a myriad of vocoders, repeating delays and reversed waveforms, which reminds us that this voice while familiar is not our own and the sentiments expressed perhaps have solace in their being concealed.

 Gently confessional, tentatively introspective and the product of an obvious intelligence, I think we could all stand to hear a little more from Amy Milner.


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