MeMe Detroit - 'Can't Get You Out Of My Mind'

We find ourselves in December once more, and for the second year running, our queen of the UK grunge underground MeMe Detroit is bringing the fireworks with a new single set to ring out the year in an explosive fashion.

'Can't Get You Out Of My Mind' is a notable return to form from the Birmingham based British/Colombian Latina. From a sludgy distorted bass intro, which is lifted by an undefinable ringing buzz, the listener is quickly immersed in the simmering gloom of Maria’s signature sound. The 'uplifting angst' MeMe Detroit crafts, is a sound of excess, of emotional force so potent it brims over into every element of her music from the carefully weighted (and heavily over driven) guitar lines to Maria's expressive and impassioned vocals, to the finer finishing details like the stabbing Stooges-esque 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' piano sound on the chorus. Everything in MeMe Detroit's sound delivers impact and on 'Can't Get You Out Of My Mind' they are at their very best.

 Of the track, Maria explains, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind is a song about relationship breakups and the heartache that can come with it. 99.9% of us will experience the devastation of heartbreak from relationship break ups at some point in our lives but it can be so empowering and beautiful when you finally break through those dark heavy clouds and come through the other side. This song is dedicated to all the heartbroken souls out there, whether you’ve come through it or are right in the midst of it... right now, this is for you, for us.”

'Can't Get You Out Of My Mind' is out now via SoulRock Central.


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