That Gum U Like - 'A Shot In A Frame (feat. Lulu Praxedes)'

Shoegazey electronic band 'That Gum U Like' tick a lot of boxes for Earthly Pleasures; a Twin Peaks reference in the band name, abstract modernist aspirations in their artwork that extends over into their music, and a knack for making the miserable memorable.

 New single "A Shot in a Frame" sees the band team up with DJ and musician friend, Lulu Praxedes on a palpably jaded break up song. With a scathingly acrimonious chorus, their sullen if not outright morose lyrical presentation is off-set by a highly textured, progressively evolving backing that taps into the darker side of Brazil's bass-heavy scene. It's gloomy and gritty perfect for a bit of ponderous chin scratching, or if the mood takes you a bit of a sad dance in the dark.

 Contrasting expansive audible spaces, with hard edged rhythmical and melodic forms on "A Shot in a Frame" 'That Gum U Like' deliver an architecturally modern sound, capturing some of the futurist spirit of their hometown Brasília, in a challenging but immersive take on alternative electronica.

Their second release since the bands 8-track EP The Black Lodge [December 2018], 'A Shot In A Frame' is proof you need that 'That Gum U Like' is coming back in style.


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