Hanya - 'I'll do it tomorrow'

Brighton guitar-popsters HANYA are making a name for themselves on the indie circuit, with glowing reviews and show supports alongside the likes of Honeyblood under their belt, the future looks bright for the south coast four-piece. Not ones to rest on their laurels however, HANYA are striking while the iron is hot, with the release of their their latest single "I'll Do It Tomorrow", urging listeners to ditch the maƱana attitude and seize the moment.

Speaking ahead of their upcoming release, the quartet explained: “I’ll Do It Tomorrow was the result of realising that rarely does anyone take the advice we ask for, we love to procrastinate and wait until things change around us, [...]The song is pretty much advice to an old friend…be every version of yourself, let go, do it now, don’t wait until tomorrow”

  Genre wise the group are touted as Dream-Pop, but outside of the lethargic jangling of the guitar work on the verses, this isn't your typical shoe-gazing somnambulism. In fact there's actually a bit of a punky edge to the chorus which twitches with fidgety drum work and sharply punctuated guitars that enliven the ethereal, elongated vocal lines of Heather Sheret. It's a dreamy sound yes, but its one I feel comes from a restless sleep, an anxious "why did I drink that third can of monster? -pop".

However it's packaged, this is really is quite good.


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