Tia Gostelow - 'Always'

The undisputed alt-pop queen of Queensland with some 10 million plus streams to her name, Tia Gostelow has surprised her listeners by setting the guitars to one side on her new album. Where once we would have found the unabashed jangling of indie/folk guitars that defined her critically acclaimed debut Thick Skin, two years on we're met with a vibrant and immediate detour into the realms of retro electronica.

With warm electronic sounds now coming to the fore, new single 'Always' is the perfect example of this radical change in direction. On 'Always' Tia's music is elevated into the lush climes of wave inspired tropical pop, with an infectious bass line moving nimbly beneath joyfully buzzing synths and the reverberating strikes of a gated snare drum. But it is naturally Tia's mysterious vocals, which really steals the show here as she wistfully explores a lyrical theme of unrequited love, with a palpable sense of confidence and maturity.

Speaking of the new release Tia adds: "I had the feeling it was about being in love with someone but not physically being able to be with them and also pushing through all of the hard parts in a relationship because you know the good outweighs the bad. It just fit perfectly within the record as I’ve really highlighted my feelings about being away from my loved ones, feeling lonely and I guess just trying to figure out who I am as a 20-year old woman."

With all the the emotion and cinematic heart worthy of a John Hughes or Joel Schumacher film of the Brat Pack era, "Always" follows on from singles "Rush" and "Psycho" providing just the latest tantalizing glance into what to expect from her as yet untitled sophomore album.


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