Azadeh - 'The Cure'

We're completely taken by the soulful downtempo pop music of London based artist Azadeh who has just released her captivating single "The Cure" today. 

Mixing elegant ambient elements, with soothing chamber string sounds, the marching rolls of a trip-hop drum loop and Azadeh's bewitching vocals "The Cure", is a dazzlingly sophisticated debut in both arrangement and execution, worthy of comparison to the work of London Grammar and Florence Welch.

 A song about overcoming fear, "The Cure" is a soaring, uplifting track from start to end. While there is a certain darkness to the track it is elevated far beyond its grounded bluesy intonations and poetically plaintive lyrical content, by Azadeh's compelling vocal performance which is confident and wonderfully expressive. On "The Cure" Azadeh has truly captured something magical, hopeful even, on an intensely moving single that is testament to the power of self love. 

Raised in London by parents who fled the Iranian revolution in 1979, Azadeh has been championed by BBC Persian though has sadly been "advised not to return to Iran", speaking about the situation Azadeh mused "This put me in a very difficult situation.  A country which I love so much and where my ancestry lies was no longer open to me.  Since then I have written protest songs and I am sure that door has been shut on me.  The way I see it, I have a voice and I am fortunate to be able to use it but I know so much more needs to be done before freedom can even be a word associated with women in Iran. “

Irans loss however is our gain and we wait expectantly, to hear what's next from this highly promising artist empowered with a much needed voice. 


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