Salsola - 'Embers'

With their glowing self-released single 'Embers' warmly resonating with bright guitar driven melodies,  nascent north-eastern jangle-pop outfit Salsola are quickly becoming regional torchbearers for a rekindling of interest in the classic mid-eighties indie-pop sound.

With an endearing and unabashed C86 influence, 'Embers' is a lean instantly gratifying work of power pop, that plucks at the senses with the same vitality that is applied to the strings of its sparkling guitars.

Having established a fiery reputation in the North East of England as a live band (supporting the likes of PINS, Pip Blom and The Van T's); Salsola are currently stoking the flames of their latest release on a tour of the UK taking in dates in Liverpool, Newcastle and Leeds before what is sure to be an anticipated homecoming at Stockton Calling in April.


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