Ten Years ago (April 2007) Maxïmo Park released Our Earthly Pleasures; I fell in love with music because of that record and this blog is the result. It's the culmination of a misspent decade, of years ducking in and out of indie venues, lurking in record stores and of course talking about “Girls Who Play Guitars"

But enough about me; what is this blog actually about? Well it's a place for me to share my Earthly Pleasures, a 'New Music Blog' to help you discover fresh, interesting music; expect a mix of playlists, short blog features and of course amazing songs.





100+ posts later and we're just about to turn 1 year old! Isn't that amazing?

Over the last 12 months we've been steadily building a small, but dedicated readership for our insightful and eclectic posts championing female fronted bands. As such, we've been getting more and more requests from PR's, bands and managers for our contact details, which is just super. If you'd like to get in touch this is how to do it...

First check you either are (or represent) a group producing tracks we might have some interest in... That means new (original) music preferably no more than 2 months old and from a female fronted band/artist.

Genre wise we're quite open-minded in what we cover; mostly alternative stuff with a pop sensibility... but we do sway from the beaten track every now and again when its something we really dig. Also we don't let language put up an unnecessary barrier for things we cover, if the musics good its good...

If you tick the boxes above, then please:

1) Follow us on twitter...
2) Tweet us @EPMusicBlog... requesting a follow back and a DM 
3) wait for us to get back to you.

We can't cover everything we're sent, but we certainly will give it a listen
thanks for reading


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