KOSCHKA - 'The Flood'

German born singer-songwriter KOSCHKA is no stranger to us here at Earthly Pleasures, familiar as lead singer of indie-electro quartet Nausica (who we last featured on the blog in May), we couldn't wait to get to grips with her exciting new solo material. And so, we're thrileld to introduce KOSCHKA solo debut 'The Flood' a beautifully minimalist single, which is out now via Part Du Decor Records.

Recorded in one take, 'The Flood' is a laconic, stripped-back piano-pop track, with a wistful air as KOSCHKA's wonderfully expressive vocals recounts feelings of love, regret and the sensation of being absorbed in ones memory.

Inspired after a return to Berlin, following a long period in the Netherlands, there is a detectable sense of 'Heimweh' or homesickness at play behind the vocal performance, imbuing the track with a tangible sense of sincerity.

Bittersweet, and melancholic, 'The Flood' is a compelling debut'


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