Half Waif - ‘form/a’

‘form/a’ is the latest record by Brooklyn based Nandi Rose Plunkett, better known as ‘Half Waif’.

 Released April 07th, the EP features 6 tracks of scintillating electronica fused with classical influences and wistful vocals. Lyrically brilliant, the EP explores a theme of ‘Home’ allowing Nandi’s voice to resonate with a melancholic beauty as her talent for turning delicate and emotive phrases shines throughout (Note track 3 Magic Trick: “I dissipate like fog in the morning”).

For your consideration, we offer the opening track ‘Severed Logic’; a compelling work of art-pop which had us hooked from the start

Available to download now ‘form/a’ is also available in a limited edition 12” vinyl release of some. For more info see: https://halfwaif.bandcamp.com/


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