Twist Helix - 'Little Buildings'

The crafting of arty, political, pop music is no easy feat, but it is one at which the Anglo-Spanish Electro-pop group Twist Helix excel. As the group wrap up their latest UK tour this evening in what promises to be a night to remember at the groups UK home on Tyneside, we take a look at their last single 'Little Buildings' [released July] a blistering example of the groups signature alternative Electro-Pop sound.

 The single itself is a rapid punching, jagged edged synthesis of rock and electronic elements. Beginning with a mysterious 'Tardis' like atmospheric whirring. From there we're quickly swept away by thrusting runaway arpeggiators and hard edged angular drumming in a gritty and evocative 3 minute work.

 Lyrically there's always been a slightly left-field 'meta'/postmodern aspect to the music of Twist Helix (the band seem to revel in 'music about music inspiring music'); and 'Little Buildings' is no different. The lyrics drawing attention to development schemes which sacrifice art spaces in favour of more 'glass windowed homes to better watch the artists go', it's an intelligent and innovative foil to the groups overarching pop-sensibility

'Little Buildings' is available as a digital download from the groups Bandcamp & features a remix by Jennifer Walton who has previously features on Earthly Pleasures for more info on Twist Helix and for news on future releases go to


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