Gaptooth - 'They Cut We Bleed'

Overtly feminist electro-pop which samples the voices of women on anti-austerity marches? Yes Please!

 Welcome to the wonderful world of East London based producer Gaptooth (aka Hannah Lucy), who released her equally righteous and joyous single 'They cut we bleed' yesterday.

 Featuring Samples recorded at Sisters Uncut actions in London in 2016 this is an intelligent and engaging work of bold indie electronica, which sticks it to the patriachy in an unflinching manner; Yet it's undeniable pop sensibilities should not be overlooked.

 For a track so uncompromisingly direct in vocalising its politics 'they cut we bleed' is surprisingly lively and spirited; with a vivacious quality coming from the electro-dancehall influence so clear in the sound of the runaway arpeggiators which are underpinned by a thudding 808 which permeates throughout.

 Cleverly blurring the lines between situational samples recorded at a rally and a big pop hook chorus of her own composition ("back up, back up we want freedom!") this is one to crank up on your stereo till the walls come down (hopefully taking the patriarchy with it).


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